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The College Management has outsourced the hostel & dining facilities with a third party nearby.

Interested students can approach RN Hospitality Services.

Contact Mr. Ravi: 7891571539 / 8824016243

St. Xavier’s College Hostel is an integral part of St. Xavier’s College. It is located within the college campus, thus helping students save on travelling time and related expenses. Boys and girls have separate places of accommodation and study, though the mess and many other facilities are common. The boys’ wing is supervised and managed by the Jesuit Fathers and girls’ wing by the Reverend Sisters. Effort is made to make the Hostel a home away from home, a temple of learning, and a place to enhance one’s personality not only by training in soft skills but also by nurturing the most cherished human values and ethos of our culture and tradition.

Interested students can approach RN Hospitality Services.

Contact Mr Naveen Sharma: 9001425678/ 9983899828.


Human excellence, compassion, leading to the uplift of those at the margins of society, and academic competence are the cherished goals of Jesuit education. The hostel being a part of the college, shares and abets these goals. Hostellers are encouraged to utilize the opportunities provided to shape themselves into dynamic and vibrant persons. So, the main thrust of the hostel is to help its inmates to grow as persons who are physically fit, emotionally sound, socially enlightened, academically brilliant, morally upright and spiritually elevated. In short, our aim is to fashion men and women who are with others and for others.


The motto of the Hostel is “United in Mind and Heart”. It indicates the way the hostellers live and interact with each other. It presents an ideal in which the hostellers, though they come from various geographical, cultural and religious backgrounds, live and study together as one community without having any distinction of class, caste or religion. To live up to this ideal, co-operation and active effort of each and every hosteller is essential; it is also necessary to respect the feelings and aspirations of companions.


Only students of the College will be admitted to the Hostel. Once the college admission is secured, students have to undergo the formalities of hostel admission procedure. The parent(s)/guardian(s) of the applicants along with the student are required to be present for an interview with the Director of the Hostel before being admitted. Admission is done for only one year. Those who like to be readmitted in the next year must apply again in the prescribed forms. The decision on readmission will take into consideration the performance of the students in academics and character formation in the previous year. It remains at the discretion of the Hostel Management whether to readmit a student or not. Even during the academic year, the membership of a hosteller can be cancelled at any time, if students do not show sufficient growth envisaged in the vision of the Hostel.


Once admitted, hostellers will be accommodated in dormitory on sharing basis for limited seats. Each hosteller is provided with basic conveniences: mattress, pillow, almirah, study table, chair, fan, lights, washing and ironing places, etc. Students should bring their linen and other personal items. There is also a prayer room for those who seek spiritual enhancement.


In view of helping students to pursue their studies, the Hostel mess aims to supply wholesome and nutritious food. Only vegetarian food will be served at particular times. If you cannot be present at these times for some reason, please report it to the mess-in-charge.

  • Breakfast: 7.30 a.m. to 8.00 a.m.

  • Lunch: 2.15 p.m. to 3.00 p.m.

  • Tea: 4.00 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.

  • Dinner: 7.30 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.

Mess Fees (two instalments): Ranging from Rs. 45000 - Rs. 55000 per annum (for 10 months)


Every hosteller should pay the following amount:

Hostel Fees: Rs. 30, 000/- per annum (payable in two instalments)

Refundable Caution Deposit: Rs. 5000/- (one time)

Once the seat is allotted, selected students need to pay the first instalment in office within two days of allotment to confirm the seat.

  • The amount is non-refundable but if Hostel is forced to be closed due to the pandemic, the amount will be adjusted for the next year.


Owning up one’s responsibility is a sign of maturity and self-discipline is the ladder to success in life. Each hosteller is highly encouraged to practise these virtues so as to foster human excellence and academic competence.


All students are encouraged to participate in regular games and other physical exercises. It not only helps one’s physical health but also increases interpersonal interactions and relationships. The College has a beautiful and spacious campus with large play fields and varieties of opportunities for various games, like basketball, football, volley ball, cricket, table tennis, badminton, etc. There are also facilities for indoor games, like caroms, chess, etc. In order to promote healthy competition, friendly matches among the hostellers are arranged from time to time.


For those who want to wash their own clothes, washing and drying places are provided for boys and girls separately. Ironing tables are also provided for those who want to iron their clothes. A dhobi visits periodically to assist those who need help.


Hostellers should get permission of the warden to go out of the premises and should be back before the allotted time. Your safety is our concern. To stay out beyond 8:30 p.m., an SMS or phone call from the parent/guardian is mandatory. Generally, one is allowed to go home when there is a long vacation. For this, the parent/guardian must make a request by sending a message to the authorities.


Parents, relatives, and guardians are welcome to visit their wards. They may meet the student in the lobby, canteen or any open place during free hours. Prior permission should be obtained if, due to some unavoidable reasons, visitors will have to stay overnight in the College premises.


Hostellers are required to observe the following do’s and don’ts without fail, since they help make the Hostel a healthy and joyful place to live in. Failure to follow such instructions can invite punitive actions, including expulsion from the Hostel as well as from the College.

  • Keep the Hostel and all the articles and facilities therein clean and secure. Wash rooms, dining room and water lobbies need special attention. When you leave a place, make sure that it is in a condition for others to use it.

  • Pour enough water in the toilets, wash basins, and bathing rooms without wasting it. Remember that water is precious and is becoming a scarce commodity.

  • Noise of any sort that disturbs others is forbidden in the Hostel. While using audio-visual gadgets, be mindful not to disturb others.

  • Do not paste pictures and papers or drive nails on walls, doors, windows and other places.

  • Promptly bring to the notice of the authorities any damage to or disappearance of Hostel articles or any facility that needs maintenance.

  • Dress decently and properly in all public places including the mess.

  • In the mess, maintain a disciplined behaviour, follow the time strictly, and wait in queue for your turn to be served.

  • Maintain regularity and punctuality in attending classes and every event in the Hostel as well as in the College.

  • Cultivate a habit of hard and consistent work in studies.

  • Seek prior permission from Hostel authorities to absent oneself from classes. For being absent from the Hostel for a day or more, obtain necessary permission from the authorities.

  • Outsiders, even parents, guardians or day scholars are not allowed to enter the Hostel area. Meet them in the lobby, canteen or other public places.

  • Strictly shun criminal actions such as ragging, physical assault, stealing, smoking or consumption of drugs and alcohol. Such actions will invite severe punishments, including expulsion from the Hostel and College and, if need be, reporting to the police.

  • Avoid whistling, howling, use of abusive language and any other uncivilised behaviour.

  • Groupism and rivalry based on region, religion, language, and caste must be totally avoided.

  • During study hours, observe strict silence. Group discussions and consultations should be done outside study room and study hours.

Interested students can fill Hostel /accommodation Requisition form: Click Here

Last date to fill the consent form: 24th Sept 2021

Declaration of allotment list: 27th Sept 2021

Provisional Hostel Allotment List

- Important Notice regarding Hostel Allotment 2021

- Provisional Hostel Allotment List of Students (BOYS)

- Provisional Hostel Allotment List of Students (GIRLS)

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