Student Clubs

Drama Club ((Xavier’s Theatre Society -XTS)

The Club’s mission is to help the students hone their theatrical skills by providing a platform to the students to script, direct, act, learn the art of back stage support through the staging of skits, one act plays, full length plays, street plays and mimes.

Music Club

The Music Club serves as a platform for students to showcase their vocal and instrumental abilities at various events like Music Fests, Cultural programmes and various events of the college.

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Dance Club (Xavier’s Dance Society - XDS)

The Dance Club has the goal of giving to the students the opportunity to learn to dance, the chance to perform and express themselves through various dance forms.

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Arts Club

Xavier’s Arts Club is for students who want to express themselves creatively. The vision of the club is to provide a haven to students who have professional or amateur relationship with arts. The club holds regular meetings and discussions and organizes events such as photo-walks, field trips, museum and gallery visits, and lectures and workshops by visiting artists.

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Photography Club

The Photography Club provides a supportive environment for interested students to share their creativity, knowledge and passion for photography while attending the college. Members will also explore possible opportunities for photography projects in collaboration with other campus departments, organize peer to peer portfolio reviews and explore possibilities of exhibitions on and off campus.

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Fashion Club

The Fashion Club is a place to express artistic freedom in the fashion world. Thus, the Fashion Club encourages students to bring creativity to the world of fabric and taging it at key college events.

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  • Gender Study Club

    The Gender Study Club helps students to uderstand and resolve the issues related to gender sensitivity and learn to built a gender unbiased society.

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  • Eco-friendly Club

    The Eco-frinedly Club helps students to uderstand the value of the ecological environment and its valuable resources. It also gives a platform to learn the ways to make environment fir and healthy for human sustenanace.

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  • Entrepreneurship Club

    The Entrepreneurship Cell encourages, promotes and supports entrepreneurship and innovation. It aims to promote and sustain entrepreneurial spirit and facilitate ideas and networking by means of events, workshops and training. The beneficiaries include students, faculty, research staff and associates.

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  • Tech-X Club

    The college is committed to provide and update facilities related to Information Technology. The IT Cell develops and maintains access to required internet contents, monitoring and managing the anti-virus software, minimizes risk and takes care of overall maintenance of IT facilities in the campus.

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  • Literati Club

    The Literati Club aims to develop the creativity of the students by providing the right kind of environment to write analyse and think critically. It offers opportunities to appreciate different types of literature and increase literary skills of the students by letting their creativity take flights into the world of imagination and fantasy.

    Anchoring Club and Debate Club are now the part of Literati Club.

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  • Anchoring Club

    The club aims to encourage students towards managing the stage and anchoring in formal, semi-formal and in formal setting and to conduct interviews and talk shows without any fear. From holding the stage on solemn moments in Orientation, or entertaining the bustling crowd in the annual cultural fest Zest, this club ensures smooth conduct of the performances throughout the session.

      CLUB MENTORS (2020-21)
    • Dr. Rama Hirawat
    • Dr. Sapna Newar
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    AICUF Report 2019-20

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  • Debate Club

    Xavier’s Debating Society helps students develop their oratorical skills, critical thinking and communication skills. The club helps students become informed citizens who are capable of drawing balanced and logical inferences and not be swayed by emotion.

      CLUB MENTORS (2020-21)
    • Dr. Rama Hirawat
    • Dr. Sapna Newar
    • Anchoring Club Report2019-20

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    AICUF Report 2019-20

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  • AICUF Club

    All India Catholic University Federation, is a movement of college students with a vision for a new and just society. Progressing in a history of constant rediscovery and re-creation, the AICUF tries to link itself to the emerging needs and realities of the college, the community and the society at large.

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  • NSS/NCC Club

    The sole aim of the NSS is to provide hands on experience to young students in serving the nation and society.

    Yoga Club

    Yoga club provides a platform to enhance fitness, and overall health while also reducing tension, frustration, and anxiety among the individuals.

    Cocinero Club

    Teaching cooking to students is an opportunity to teach nutrition education, planning, cooking meals, and making smarter food choices. The objective of the Cocinero Club is to make understand students, the importance of nutritious food, and the right time and manner of serving it. It also aims to inculcate a sense of responsibility for others. With Cocinero club activities, students will have positive memories that would stimulate them towards a healthy and happy lifestyle.

    Gender study and Women’s Cell

    SUKOON A Support and Guidance Unit

    In the contemporary scenario, our youth are so constantly challenged by dilemmas pertaining to relationships and social image, identity and sexuality, existential crisis and career that it becomes imperative that they get much support and guidance to maintain their emotional intelligence. The Gender Study and Women’s Cell of St Xavier’s College, Jaipur is taking an initiative in which students will be provided with a platform where they can freely talk out and communicate their views and problems regarding issues pertaining

    • ❖ Gender and sexuality

    • ❖ Gender discrimination

    • ❖ Gender equity

    • ❖ Women Empowerment

    • ❖ Women health Issues

    The main objective of this initiative is to encourage and promote their academic, social, emotional, and personal development. To reach this aim, our guidance and support services will be provided to help them to know themselves better and find effective solutions to their daily issues.


    This initiative is for the students of St Xavier’s College, who wish to seek some support or guidance in the above mentioned issues of Gender, Sexuality and Women Empowerment. Sukoon will:

    • ❖ Create a platform where the students can share their issues freely;

    • ❖ emotional support and foster emotional wellbeing in students;

    • ❖ Provide a confidential and safe space to share their stories of distress;

    • ❖ Help individuals with a strength-based, solution-focused approach.


    • ❖ All students will be assured of complete confidentiality and anonymity while discussing their problems and experiences in order to facilitate a safe space for all.

    • ❖ Connecting individuals to appropriate referral services, if needed.

    • ❖ There will be two sessions a month, tentatively on 10 th and 20 th of each month at 1.00 PM. Apart from face to face sessions, Online sessions will also be scheduled.

    • ❖ Peer Support will also be facilitated through the cell.

    Rovers & Rangers

      Service to community:

    • The moto of the Rangers and Rovers club is the service. It work for the development of the society by taking an initiative for working on the prevailing problems.

    • Duty to God

      This image is of the prayer ceremony "Sarva Dharma Prathna Sabha" that was conducted to teach us the adherence to spiritual principles, loyalty to the religion that expresses them and acceptance of the duties resulting there from

    • Development of Skills

      The purpose of the Movement is to contribute to the development of young people in achieving their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potentials. For that they give life lessons on first aid, pioneering , mapping and many more

    • Character development

      Rovers and Ranger Club is the place where we enjoy fellowship, social, outdoors or cultural activities. This help in building leadership quality, empathic behaviour, self care, patience and many more.

    About the Xavier’s Consumer Club (XCC):

    Consumer right is ‘the right to have information about the quality, potency, quantity, purity, price and standard of goods or services’, as it may be the case but the consumer is to be protected against any unfair practices of trade. Recognizing the alarming need of consumer awareness, St. Xavier’s College, Jaipur initiated the Xavier’s Consumer Club (XCC) under the guidance of Rev Fr. Dr. A. Rex Angelo, Principal of St. Xavier’s College, Jaipur. XCC is formed with the vision of inducing consumer awareness and realization among students about their duties and responsibilities as Citizens of India & to bring awareness about the rights and responsibilities of Citizens and Consumers as provided in the Constitution of India, Consumer Protection Act and other Indian Laws.


    • ❖ XCC wishes to spread awareness and realization among students about their duties and responsibilities as Citizens of India.

    • ❖ To instill concern for the environment around us as citizens and consumers and develop sustainable consumption habits.

    • ❖ To impart knowledge about laws enacted for protection and welfare of consumers.

    • ❖ Development of skills among students to handle consumer issues.

      Member Details:

    • Ms. Neetu Sharma (Coordinator)

    • Ms. Rose Martin (Member)

    Red Ribbon Club(RCC)

    Red Ribbon Club is a voluntary on-campus intervention programme for students in educational institutions. It is initiated and supported by the State AIDS Prevention and Control Societies (SACS) and implemented through multi-sectoral collaboration, particularly using the services of NSS. The prime objective of the club is to prepare vibrant youth as peer educators or agents of change to the society at large by developing their skills on leadership, communication and team building.

    The club is proposed to be established to provide youth with access to information on HIV/AIDS and voluntary blood donation. The club also works towards promotion of life skills to bring about behavioral change among the youth.

    Science Club (XSI)

    Xavier’s Scientific Eye (XSI) – the Science Club under the direction of the Department has been formed to kindle the spirit of inquisition and research among the students. It helps them to systematize outreach activities. In the current academic session 2021-2022 the Department aspires to come up with its quarterly Newsletter “XSI Times”.

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